This is the conclusion of my blog post. School’s over in two weeks! Exam Review, and then Monday we get out, and then EXAMS!! We get out May 30. I can not wait till Summer! I wont’ be taking a computer class again so this is it. I might keep this up at home, but I have a busy summer planned, with work, and what not. My summer consists of, working 3 days a week, and hanging out and tanning with friends, being with alec, and chillin out all summer long! I will be going on a few vacations, one being Kansas and probabally to see my relatives in Ohio and Iniannia, and then also going to the beach! I probabally wil have Alec come with me to the beach and maybe Maggie! I’m excited for the summer! =) and I’m almost a senior!! WAHOOOOO…….





Wow!  We’re on our last week of school. Next week, we will have exams- Tuesday-Friday, with two exams a day. Determining your schedule, you might would have Study Hall first period, and and then second period Chemistry. That means, you wouldn’t have to come in till the start of your second exam, which begins at 10:15, and you would get out at 12:00 every day. It makes exams a little less stressful, by getting out at 12:00 every day.  My exam schedule looks as though I will come in Tuesday at 8:30, and take my Home Economics exams, and my Chemistry Exam, and get out at 12:00. Wednesday I will come in at 8:30 and will take my British Literature Exam, and my Computer 1 Exam, and get out at 12:00. Thursday I will come in at 8:30 and take my Ministry Exam, and then I will be free the rest of the day. I will get out at 10:15. Friday I will come in at 10:15 and take my Yearbook exam and get out at 12:00.Tuesday and Wednesday wil be my heardest exam days. The rest of the week then will be a breeze. I’m glad it’s set up like this, so I can get my hardest tests over with first.

John Mayor

My new favorite singer is John Mayor. I used to hate his music, but I found some songs that I love! Say, his new song, Vulterurs, and Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, are definately my favorite. He’s amazing at guitar, and probabally one of the best guitarest ever.


The girls are heading to Winchester Va, for STATES! We got 2nd place in our turnoment agianst New Coventant. We will be leaving sometime Friday, and staying up there in a hotel and probabally coming back Saturday. The first and second teams of the South will be heading up to play the North’s first and second team. New Covenant is number one in our conference, and we’re second, so we both will be going. We’re not sure who we will be playing! Saturday at our turnoment, me, Emily, and Charlene got all turnoment players for CHA. It was exciting since it was the first time I had gotten it! I’l put updates on how we did in Winchester next week! That’s all for now!!

Prom Night

I definately can’t believe I went and watched this movie. I’m one of the most jumpiest people, and I hate scary movies, and somehow Alec talked me into going to watch this movie. We were about 25 min. late so we missed the intro, but it was definately freaky. It’s about this phyco guy, who murdered this girl named Donna’s family three years ago because he was trying to get with her because he thought she was hot, and who has recently broken out of the phyco hopsital where he was imprisoned. Donna who now lives with her aunt and uncle attends prom with her boyfriend, and close friends. The phyco murderer somehow finds out about the prom and comes to the hotel sueite and murderurs a ton of Donna’s friends, and who tries to get Donna. The movie has a farely abrubt ending. I didn’t like the movie just because, from a girls’ stand point it was kindof freakish, because there are phyco people out there. I definately don’t recommend it.

Life is Over..

The day has come, where my cell phone that was missing a hinge has finally broken in half.  My phone, formally known as Delilah, because of the ravish snake skin on the inside of my cellphone, is officially broken and dead. I’d have to say I’m not that sad, because it was probabally the worst cellular device i’ve ever owned. I can’t complain to much though because, I did receive the phone free from my generous cousin Benjamin Ward. It’s time to get a new phone plan and a new phone. Any good ideas on what plan I should get? I want texting, a cute phone, and free nights and weekends. Help!

Kansas bound…

We get out of school on a Friday. I think that Sunday we will be travelling to Kansas for about a week, to visit my family. I haven’t seen my grandparents in at least 4 years. I’ve seen a few of my aunts and uncles that live in Ohio and Indiannia, but there are two or three that I havent’ seen in a long time. We will probabally be staying with my grandparents. I’m really excited, but kindof nervous at the same time. The last time I was in Kansas I was 13 years old. My cousins that I used to hang out with when we would go out there, are married. Some even have children. It’s crazy to think about! Well there’s how my summer will begin.. a very exciting trip to visit my dad’s hometown! I’m excited!!! =)